Presentation of the artist



my name is Pilar Xercavins Casas, artist from Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona). My painting style is abstract, using a mixed technique. I search the harmony in my artworks considering four essential elements ; texture, colour, gesture, rhythm and format. I work on the spots abstraction , on top of transparencies and superpositions, using insinuating lines, to give form to something specific. The essence of my artworks is to recreate a sensory microcosm full of movement and visual impact.

"An artwork it is one precisely because it is spirituality".

G.W.F Hegel

Alicia Ramon - Raw material

Pilar Xercavins, Catalan artist, presents a new collection of paintings inspired by the direct action of nature in the artwork. The artist has been experimenting with natural organic elements and their chemical changes, seeking a return to the essential and primitive. To capture the action of nature this one is integrated and left to act on the fabric , and from the stains that appear she makes an interpretation shaping them to create the artwork base , starting from the transparencies and overlays to give depth, and using sinuous black lines to reveal the shape of something specific.. "Raw material" is a pictorial exhibition accompanied by an installation based on sensory elements, therefore we perceive nature with all our senses. On the one hand we have the sense of sight with the paintings, the smell is activated with the eucalyptus , touch with very textured trunks and plants and finally hearing is activated with background music with invoking sounds. Thus when we enter the room we are transferred to a microcosm that awakens us all senses and makes us take part of the creator's sensible world. Through the theme and natural and sensory technique the artist wants to reflect about the need to the return to the origin to face the social and artistic change we are experiencing, as light will only be seen when we break with the established artificiality.

Aquiles Ortiz Bravo

The contemporaneity of art allows me full-time to be able to confront myself with colleagues ·who fulfil their job as a communication language. The so-called “visuals arts”, take us by the hand along this road where the composition of elements are lances of attack , which are present in the encounter between the creator and the observer. The painter, draftsman, sculptor, graphic or of the fire brings in his bag the materials that will allow him to execute his task which will guide you to the entrance of the game of supply and demand, where there will be the common and not so common spectator educated or not to recognize and point out the piece as an artwork. Lets remember that art is and should be synonymous of creation. It is here where the so-called “artists” line up and with the daily work performed full time, without inspiration as Picasso bequeathed them to us, scurry in the search of good work, are the ones who make their way when walking, as Machado expressed, and it is how Pilar Xercavins through stains full of colours and lines finds the perspectives where visual texture are words. In the same way as it happened to Kandinsky, the figure bothers her and what she brings us is the rhythm that allows us to travel the cardinal points of the object created. Freedom and debauchery are Pilar's protagonists., allowing to analysis and critique the dissolution of forms reaching the spontaneous abstract expression . Pilar Xercavins comes producing with gallantry and assurance her two-dimensional pieces … They are here available to our sight … It just remains staging the property that we own of the participation … The painter will feel fulfilled if it was a foundation for the birth of our adhesion to the fact Pilar Xercavins. The future will be the best judge … By now the atmosphere is will awake and see..